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“And if I ever fall in love again, I will be sure that the lady is a friend.” -Shai


            Pulling up to the Breakfast Club, fifteen minutes early, Mason looked around the parking lot and didn’t understand why it was so empty. Mason parked his Maserati and walked up to the door, so that he could look at the business hours. The Breakfast Club was only opened on Saturday and Sunday’s and Mason knew then that Wynter had played him, because it was Friday.  

“This muthafucker here mane.” Mason grumbled before he got back into his car.

Mason decided to text his realtor to see if she could move up their meeting with one another, so that he could finish the rest of the paper work on the house that he had just closed on. He made the meeting for after his lunch date with, Wynter, but since there wasn’t going to be a date he wanted to go on and move up the meeting so that he could get it over with. The months that he and his realtor had spent trying to find the perfect spot for him was tedious, but Mason was happy that he found a house that he liked and immediately closed on it.

Most of his time was spent in Atlanta during the off season, so it made sense to him to just go ahead and buy a house and stop renting. His mama had mentioned to him that he needed to just buy houses where he frequent the most, but Mason was frugal with his money, and he didn’t see a reason to have to do that, especially when he wasn’t spending no more than a month in most placed. His time was most spent in Dallas, TX, and Atlanta, so for now those were places that he had a house at.

Once Mason sent the message to his realtor he decided to call his best friend, Korey. Mason was the first friend that Mason made when he moved to Dallas with his parents from Shreveport, La. His parents thought that the move to Texas would be better for them economically and for their child as far as education and the change of the environment was welcomed as well. Korey and his parents stayed on the same street as Mason and his family, and with them being the only two black families on the block a bond was formed almost instantly between the parents and the kids as well. Korey and Mason had been inseparable since then, until they both decided to go to different colleges. Mason went to Louisiana State University, it just made sense for him to go there to help further his career in football. Korey, decided to go the University of Houston, which in trade helped with his basketball career. During all the success in each others lives, the friends never missed a beat and was always somewhere cheering the other on.

“Aye, ain’t you supposed to be eating lunch right now?” Korey asked answering the phone.

“Why the hell this girl stood me up? I get to the damn place only to find out that the shit is only open on Saturday and Sunday’s.” Mason explained earning a chuckle from his friend.

“Damn, she ghosted yo ass, nigga. Do you at least have her number?” Korey asked.

“Man, hell naw, and I’m so pissed that I didn’t get that shit from her before she left this morning.” Mason was kicking his own ass. The wheels in Mason’s head started turning before he picked up his phone to text his assistant with Wynter’s first and last name, and demanded that he find out any and everything he could on her. At this point, Mike, Mason’s assistant learned to not even question his bosses motives and just get the job done for him.

“I just told Mike to find out what he can on her ass.” Mason said to his friend as he dropped his phone in the car’s cup holder and finally pulled out of the restaurants parking lot.

“Man, money talk and bullshit walk, huh?” Korey chuckled as he shook his head at his friend. Mason knew that as long as he had the money then his resources would and could reach near and far.

“Yessir. What Wynter doesn’t know is that I ain’t the same nigga from eight years ago. A nigga money is long so that mean that my reach and pull is longer, and within the next hour I’ll know all that I need to know about Wynter.” Mason smirked to himself as he weaved in and out of traffic.

“Whenever you finally do catch up with Wynter’s crazy ass she gonna cuss you out, because at this point she ain’t trying to be found.”

Korey knew Wynter, so he knew how crazy Wynter could get if pushed to that point. He understood why his friend decided to end things with her all those years ago, but he felt like he should have left that decision up to Wynter, and not trying to handle things on his own. Korey, wasn’t looking for things to pick back up between Mason and Wynter, only because of how things ended, but what Korey didn’t know was how dedicated his friend was to getting his girl back.

“Doesn’t matter if she wants to be found or not, because ima find her little ass regardless.”

“Aye, just make sure this really what you want before you storm back into this girl life only yo ruin it again. I gotta go, so ima hit you up later.” Korey told his friend before both men got off the phone.

Mason didn’t have anywhere in particular to go, so he decided to head back to the hotel he was currently staying in until he heard back from his realtor. On his ride to the hotel what Korey said started to circle around in his head. “Just make sure this really what you want before you storm back into this girl life only yo ruin it again.”

Mason wasn’t dumb, so he knew and understood why Wynter didn’t want anything to do with him, but that was all the more reason for him to try and get her back. Mason understood that he had made a big mistake when he broke up with Wynter, and it was like after they graduated from undergrad he couldn’t find her or get in contact with her. She had him blocked on every social media platform, even to this day, and she changed her number so he couldn’t call her. When Mason broke up with Wynter it was the worse day of both of their lives, and it changed so much within and between them.

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