Sneak  Peek 

A few hours earlier

“After what you did, man, what you expected? You muhfuckin right, I’m triggered.” –Jhene Aiko


“So why are you taking another one if you know that you’re pregnant?” Kadence eyed a nervous October as she paced the floor of the living room. It was Friday and October was working on her tenth pregnancy test for the week. She was in shock every time she took one, because the results never changed, positive. October had made an appointment earlier in the week to get an abortion. The day of her appointment had come and she was still taking pregnancy test.

“I don’t know Kay. I’m shocked as hell. How the hell did I out of all people get pregnant?” October stopped pacing the floor and looked over at Kadence.

“Well, that’s what happens when you don’t-“Kadence stopped mid-sentence because of the look she was receiving from October.

“I don’t need the judgment from you right now, Kadence. I really don’t.” October snapped. 

October had her fair share of secrets, and so did Kadence, but the difference between the two was that Kadence bared her soul when it came to October. There wasn’t a thing that happened in Kadence’s life that October didn’t know about. October on the other hand, told Kadence what she felt like she needed to know about her. October knew that the things she was into that Kadence had no idea about would shock her and everybody else if they knew. So, October always kept her business just that, hers.

“I promise that’s not what I’m doing October, and you know it. Stop stressing about something that’s about to get taken care of in the next few hours. You got my ass up at the ass crack of dawn so that I can take you to this appointment, so stop pacing and get your shit so we can go.”

Kadence slipped on her shoes and headed back to her room so that she could grab her things.

October went back to the hall bathroom to look at the test she had just taken and sure enough it read the same results she had been seeing all week, pregnant. October threw the test in the trash, washed her hands, and then headed back out to the living room. She put her shoes on and grabbed her purse.

“I’m ready.” October announced. A few seconds later Kadence came from the back with her purse and car keys in hand. The two walked out of the apartment and headed to Kadence’s car. It was an hour drive to the clinic that October made her appointment at, so the two had a ways to go.


The drive was quiet, and that was because the two were in their own worlds. October was desperately trying to figure out who her baby’s father could be. Of course it didn’t matter now, because she was about to get it taken care of, but it was fucking with October that she didn’t know. She was normally cautious and careful when she had sex, but the last few times she had been distracted by how good the four-play was that it took her mind off protecting herself. October was just happy that she hadn’t contracted any type of disease and just a baby instead. Something that she could and would get rid of.

Kadence was happy that all Roux did that day was bust her lip. She didn’t have much to hide, but she was still pissed at him for putting his hands on her in the first place. Kadence noticed that the last time she had pissed Roux off that his facial expression changed drastically, and his eyes seemed to always do some freaky shit that she couldn’t explain. Kadence never brought it up to Roux or his sister Reign, because they didn’t argue a lot, so she thought maybe she was tripping. Ever since that night he felt comfortable enough to hit her, Kadence had been thinking of ways she could tell Roux that she was done scamming niggas and she was done with him. Kadence wasn’t dumb, so she knew that he entertained other women, and she voiced her feelings about it and after that she never brought it up again. Roux had talked so bad to Kadence that she knew she didn’t want to go through any of that again. Kadence was starting to realize that when he got real angry it was almost like he was a different person, and she didn’t like that.

It was almost like Kadence was starting to realize that it wasn’t much that she knew about Roux. She only knew what he told her, and she didn’t have a reason not to believe him because it was his life, so she didn’t think that he would lie about something like that. Kadence always asked him more about his family since hearing from Reign that they had an older brother, but he never divulged any information. He always found a way to change the subject, and make Kadence feel bad about something before the conversation was over. Roux was a manipulator and it took Kadence six years to realize it. Kadence always gave herself talks about how she would end things with Roux, but when it came time to have that talk with him, it was almost like he knew when she was trying to end things because he would do something nice for Kadence, or say something sweet to her. Roux wasn’t dumb and he knew that Kadence loved attention from him because she barely got any from her daddy, so he was the next best thing. He played on Kadence’s emotions a lot and Kadence was tired of it. Something had to change.

“We’re here.” Kadence announced as she pulled into a parking spot. October fell asleep on the ride over. October hadn’t got much rest through the week from worrying and stressing. October was more than ready to get the procedure over with and put all of this behind her.

“Let’s get this over with.” October said in a somber tone. She didn’t want a kid right now, hell, she wasn’t even sure if she wanted kids ever. The type of lifestyle she led wasn’t one to bring a child into, so kids had never really crossed her mind.

Kadence followed behind, October into the clinic. October signed in and filled out the necessary paper work before she could be called to the back.

“Do you want me to go to the back with you?” Kadence asked as she ignored another call from Roux.

“Uh hell yeah. Why do you think I asked you to bring me? I need support all around.” October looked at Kadence with tears in her eyes. Kadence grabbed her friends hand for comfort before she spoke again.

“You know ima always be here for you, Octoby.” October nodded her head before she laid her head down on Kadence’s lap.

Kadence and October friendship took root their freshmen year of high school. October had just moved to Houston with her parents from up north, so everything was so new to her. It took some time, but she eventually got used to the southern weather and how bipolar it could be sometimes. Kadence was the social butterfly, the complete opposite of October, so they clicked instantly. Their friendship had a balance and it worked for the two. October wasn’t active in many organizations at their high school, but she was smart, so she and Kadence shared excelling at academics.

October wasn’t one that had to be in the spot light all the time, and she preferred to be to herself most of the time. October didn’t have many friends back home, so when she met Kadence she thought their interaction was going to be like all the others. She thought Kadence just wanted to be her friend because she knew she was smart and potentially use that to her advantage, but October was wrong. Kadence was equally as smart and more outgoing and had people that she called friend for days. October realized the summer going into sophomore year that Kadence was her best friend. Kadence was always there when she needed her even after only knowing her a few months. October and Kadence friendship had blossomed into something much more over the years. They were sisters. 

“October Young.” October lifter her head up from Kadence’s lap and looked in the direction of the nurse that had just called her name.

“Come on, everything is going to be fine.” Kadence knew her friend was nervous and for good reason, so she knew that she had to hold off on her sarcasm and be there for her.

Kadence stood up and held her hand out for October to grab so that they could follow the nurse. Once they were in the back the nurse had October change into a hospital gown before she excused herself out of the room.

“You not gonna leave out with her?” October asked Kadence with humor apparent in her voice.

“Girl, I know what your body look like with them clothes on or not. Hell, naw I ain’t leaving out.” Kadence frowned as she read some of the text messages from Roux. She knew he was pissed and she couldn’t say that she cared. It was crazy to her how he could hit her and then call her up like ain’t shit happen. True enough he had never laid a hand on her, but he would do the same thing when he would blow up on her, and then act like he didn’t remember all the bad shit he had said to her prior. Kadence was over Roux and his bipolar ways.

“Hello? Kadence Rush!” October waved her hand in front of Kadence’s face which was currently deep into her phone.

“My bad, what you said?” Kadence looked up at October trying to give her all her undivided attention.

“Tell Roux that you can coddle him when you’re done with me. I need you right now, Kay, all of you. Please, just put everything with you and Roux on the back-burner for now, please.” October looked at Kadence with sadness apparent in her eyes, so Kadence nodded her head and powered her phone off. October was right. She needed all of Kadence’s attention right now, and Kadence made sure to give her that.

October finished changing into the gown and the proceeded to take a seat on the bed that was in the room. October had never had an abortion before, so she had googled what all would be taking place today, and she had lowkey scared herself. She now understood why people always said don’t try and google your symptoms or procedures because you’ll scare yourself to death. October wasn’t sure how far a long she was, but she prayed she was less than ten weeks so that they could give her the damn abortion pill and she be on her way.

There was a knock at the door which prompted October to tell whoever was on the other side to come in.

“Hello, Ms. Young.” The doctor looked up from October’s chart which was in her hands.

“October, you can call me October.” The doctor nodded with a small smile as she turned to look at Kadence.

“And who else do we have here?”  Kadence introduced herself to the doctor which caused her to nod her head again.

Kadence felt like the doctor was lowkey judging October for being there, so she was automatically not feeling her. The doctor was older in age. If Kadence had to guess she would say that she was mid-fifties to early sixties, but she could be wrong. The doctor gave off bougie slash judgmental vibes, and Kadence was not fucking with it.

“Ok, well I’m Dr. Bourgeois-“

“Wow,” Kadence let slip out of her mouth. The doctor and October looked over at Kadence who dropped her head on shame.

“Like I was saying. I’m your doctor and my job today is to make sure that we chose the right path for the issue at hand today. Can you please take this cup and go to the restroom right through that door. We need to be certain that you’re pregnant and then from there I will have to do a vaginal ultra sound to see how far along you are and then we’ll discuss option from there. Sounds good?” Dr. Bourgeois looked at October with tight lips. October took the cup from her without answering her and headed towards the bathroom.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes, once I think she’s finished.” Dr. Bourgeois said to Kadence who just looked at her. Dr. Bourgeois took that as her cue to leave and Kadence was grateful for that.

A few minutes later October was walking out of the restroom with her cup of pee covered in paper towels. She placed it on the counter and took her seat back on the bed.

“Let me be the first to say I don’t like that bit-“

“Knock, knock.” Dr. Bourgeois knocked on the door and said, cutting Kadence off, as she waited for October to give her the go ahead to come in. October told her to come in as she shook her head at Kadence.

“Ok, let’s get that tested and then we’ll proceed.” Dr. Bourgeois took a strip and stuck it into October’s cup and turned towards October.

Everything from that point was a blur October. It was confirmed that she was indeed pregnant and that she was less than two months pregnant, so she was able to receive the abortion pill. The doctor and nurse gave October and Kadence instructions on how she needed to take the pills and set up another appointment for October to come back for a checkup. Luckily they were able to retrieve the prescription from the drug store that they had connected to the clinic, so Kadence didn’t have to make any extra stops with taking October home. Since they told October some of the effects that the pills would have on her body, Kadence decided that it would be best for her to stay at October’s place, so that October could be as comfortable as possible.

“I’m going to stop by my place to pack a bag, and then we can get food and head to your place. I think you should take the pill once you eat, what you think?” Kadence looked over at October who was tapping away at her phone.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” Kadence focused back on the road as she continued on to her place. Kadence literally had plans to be in and out of her apartment, but when she saw that Roux car was parked out front, she knew nothing about her plans to be in and out were going to be swift.

“I’ll be right back.” Kadence hopped out of her car and headed for her apartment. When she walked in to her apartment she didn’t know what she was about to walk into, but what she was greeted by wasn’t what she imagined. Kadence never had a chance to defend herself as Roux rained down blow after blow on her.

“Roux!” Kadence yelled out as she fell down to the floor. Roux attention was on her stomach, because in his mind the baby that he thought she was having needed to die.

“Roux, stop!” Kadence continued to scream out, but Roux wasn’t hearing her. To Kadence it was almost like he had transformed into someone else.

“Who the fuck are you pregnant by? Because it’s not Roux’s fucking baby! That nigga always use a fucking condom with yo hoes ass. You cheating on him? Huh, bitch you cheating on him?” Roux continue to rain blows on Kadence.

Baby? Kadence was confused on what Roux was talking about. She had never given him a reason to think or believe that she was pregnant, so she was honestly confused. After so many hits Kadence stopped trying to defend herself and just took the licks as they came. In spite of the pain she was in, Kadence, couldn’t help but wonder why the hell he was talking in third person.

“We got one more job to do, and I wish I didn’t need your ass, because I would leave you where the fuck you are. I don’t know why he decided to talk to your ass all those years ago anyway. I’ll call you about the mark, and you better answer. Remember I know where ya moms lay her head at and where she work, if you try to back out of this shit.” Roux left Kadence where she was and walked out of her place.

Kadence didn’t move for what felt like an eternity, because she couldn’t. Kadence was almost sure that she had some broken ribs, because of all the focus Roux had on her midsection. She was so confused, but most importantly in pain. She tried her hardest to get up from the floor, but the pain she was in was unbearable. Kadence had no other choice, but to lay on the cool floor and prayed that October came in and found her soon.

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