Walk Away!

May 1, 2019


Walk away. That was all I used to hear growing up. When someone had wronged me, walk away. When someone said something to me that I didn't like, walk away. It was always walk away, think about it, and address it later or sometimes not even address it at all. At first I couldn't just walk away, because I always had to have the last word in any situation. I always had to make sure I expressed how I felt in a situation whether it was wanted or unwanted. Oh, but now? I will walk away from any person or situation, and half the time I won't even address it or the person later on. I've realized that half the time it's not even worth it. I'm passed that stage in my life where I always had to be right, where I always had to have the last word, where I always had to prove something to others. I'm passed that and I thank God everyday that I am passed that stage. 


If that friendship, relationship, job, or whatever situation it maybe, is causing you more headache than peace then it is time to walk away. I know that it may be hard to do, and I understand that, but in that moment it's either you or them or that situation. Always pick yourself in anything that you find yourself in. Sometimes relationships with people run their course, and that's ok. You can leave them where they are and still love them from a distance. Just because you walked away from a person or situation doesn't mean that there has to be any bad blood. It just means that whatever you were a part of has run its course, and that's fine too. 


Always remember, if it's not bringing you happiness, peace, and joy and causing you more headache than sanity, then it's time for you to walk away. Walking away doesn't make you the bad person in any situation, it just means that you are aware that whatever is going on isn't even worth your time or energy. Walk away and stay away!

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