Set Those Boundaries & Stick to Them.

April 18, 2019


guild lines, rules, or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable ways for other people to behave towards them. 



The older I get, and the more people and things I start to experience in my life, I've realized that boundaries are necessary. Setting some boundaries can be the difference between what kind of people, and energy that I let into my space. Setting boundaries help me with learning who I am as a person. It helps me understand the negatives and the positives that I have control of letting into my space. 


I look at setting boundaries as me being in a box. I can allow what and who I want inside of that box, and when I no longer want them or it around I can remove them from my space. I am in control of the energy I let around me, I am in control of my feelings towards people and situations. Boundaries help me stay in control of things in my life, things that I didn't always have control of. 


When setting boundaries I always have to remember, that everyone might not agree with me and the boundaries that I set, and that's ok. The boundaries are for me and not for them. I get called mean on so many occasions, because I set my boundaries and I stick to them, and not everyone I encounter likes them, and that's ok. I have to remember that the boundaries are for me, and other's don't have to like it, but they have to respect it. 


I'm responsible for me, and nobody else. I set boundaries for myself and no one else. Boundaries are necessary, and they keep me responsible for all things concerning me. 

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