Are You Good Enough?

March 6, 2019


You ever have moments when you feel like you're not good enough for a person, or you're not good enough for a certain position, or you're not good enough at doing this thing called life? NEW FLASH! You are GOOD ENOUGH. 


Sometimes you may tend to let people get in your head, and try to get you to believe that you're not good enough. If it's not someone in your head, then its you causing your own self doubt, and today is the day that you stop that. You can't always depend on others to lift you up and speak positive things over you, so you have to learn to do it for yourself. 


It's time for you to start believing that you are good enough and that you are worthy enough of everything that is coming your way or of everything that may already be in front of you. You can't let what others say about you control you. What I need for you to realize is the moment you let someone get inside of your head and alter your thoughts about yourself, then you have given them control over you. No one should have control over you, because no one knows you like how you know yourself, and those are straight facts. 


Remember that you are enough. You more than good enough for that job position, you are more than good enough to pass that one class so that you can graduate, you are more than good enough for that person that told you that you weren't good enough. You are good enough, you are so good that you won't let the problems of the world beat you down, consume you, and control your fate or destiny. You are exactly where you're supposed to be in life, so never mistake your placement or current position or situation in life as not being good enough. 


The next time you have a thought that you aren't good enough or someone tell you that you aren't good enough, you agree with them. Agree with them, because they're right, you aren't good enough, you're more than good enough, hell, you're overly good enough.


What others think of you isn't as important as what you think of yourself. As long as you know your worth and you know what kind of person you are, and you know the type of heart that you have, and you know that overall you are indeed more than good enough, then what others think of you won't even be a thought in your mind. 


Keep striving and pushing to be a better you than yesterday, that's always the goal. As long as you're focused on you and the positive light that you possess, then everything will always work out in your favor. 


Until next week, babes. 



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