Those Broken Bridges...

January 30, 2019



Notice the title says broken bridges and not burned. Remember and know the difference. When you burn bridges, that basically means there is no turning back. The old saying is, don't burn your bridges, and in all honestly I try not to burn mine. I try to end all things in my life on a good or decent note. My grandma instilled in me early, you never know when you may need a person again. So, try not to burn those bridges, because once they're gone...they're gone. 


Now, those broken bridges are a little different. Those are bridges that can potentially be fixed. You can always turn around and say, "I really miss this person, let's try to fix or repair our relationship," or "I was wrong in this situation, let me try and make it right." Anything broken can potentially be fixed. 


A few years ago me and one of my close friends has a falling out. We exchanged some words and some things she said were unforgivable to me, so that bridge for our friendship was burned for me. Now, me and one of my other good friends didn't have a fallen out, we just lost contact. Some things about the friendship had to talked about, but eventually we made up. The bridge for that relationship was fixed. It was never really broken, but we had some cracks and holes that needing fixing, so we fixed it. 


My whole point for this blog is, if you had a pointless fallen out with someone that used to mean something to you, fix it. Think about whatever y'all fell out over, and ask yourself was it worth me losing a friend, sister, brother, cousin, etc? Think about how you would feel if something was to happen to that person while y'all are on bad terms? Sometimes you have to put your pride to the side to have a peace of mind. 


Until next week babes ✌🏾


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