How many of us have them...FRIENDS!

August 13, 2018


My girl friends, there through thick and thin....


No, but seriously though my friends have been there for me through thick and thin. They are literally everything a person should want in friends. When I see other girls say that they don't need friends, or they don't see how some girls get along with other girls I literally cringe. I cringe because I used to have that same mindset, and I shake my head in shame now. 


Growing up I claimed so many people to be my best friends, and looking back all I can do is laugh at my ignorance. Whoever made up the phrase "ignorance is bliss," was not lying. I just knew that once I graduated high school and went off to college I was still going to be friends with all the friends I had accumulated over the years. 



Lies, lies, and more lies, man. Half of the people I used to claim as friends I can't even tell you what they're doing with their life. It's no bad blood between us, and I feel like God brought them into my life for a season and a reason. 


What are friends for?


Growing up I was told as a child that I didn't need friends, and all through elementary school I thought that. It was when I got to middle school that I started to actually claim people as my friends, and from there everyone I came into contact with was my friend. It took me a while to learn that everyone was not my friend, and that everyone does not have my best interest at heart.


My transition from middle school to high school I had lost some friends, but I also had two true friends that never left my side. Once I got to high school I of course accumulated a new group of friends, but when we graduated the only friends I had was the same two true friends I had from my child hood, plus one. 


It took me some time, but I learned that everyone needs a friend. I don't think that you need a bunch of friends, but having one true friend can make life a lot easier. My two childhood friends made my transitions during my adolescent years a lot easier. When I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone in my family, they were there for me. I'm not the only child, but by the time I was entering into kindergarten I was the only child in the house. So, I relied on my friends to keep me from being lonely. 


A true friendship is universal to me. You can't get through life without having at least one true friend. 


My Fantastic Four



I call my four best friends, my fantastic four. They don't know that I call them that, but whatever lol. I'm lucky to still be able to call two people from my childhood my best friends. I lost contact with one of them for a little while, but when we linked back up it was like we never stopped talking. My male best friend came along in high school. We didn't start out as close, but as the years passed and events in our lives started to take place, we grew closer. And lastly, my college best friend. Our story is so crazy, because I literally went into college with tunnel vision. I just wanted to do the work, stay out the way, and get my degree. But, God had other plans for us, and to this day I am so happy that she spoke to me first. 


Y'all, I have been through some things in my young adult life, and every last one of my friends have played a role in helping me through each situation. I've been through things that not even my family knows about, but you can bet my friends knew. 


I think what I love so much about my group of friends is that everyone is different, so that makes the group so diverse. I can go to each of them with the same problem and I will always get different answers, but somehow they will all be on the same page. The shit is crazy lol. 


I go so hard for each of my friends, because I feel like they've been there for me when I felt like my family wasn't. With each of them it's literally a judge free zone. I can always be myself and I never have to worry about them thinking ill thoughts of me. 


Back when I was going back and forward with writing, it was one of my best friends that pushed me to step into the unknown. I hadn't told anyone about my joy for writing, but when I brought it up to her she instantly believed in me and told me to go for it. A few weeks before my first book was due to drop I told each of my friends first before I told my family or anyone else for that matter. They were all so supportive and they actually believed me when I told them lol.


The phrase, "you are who you hang around," is true. I have goals and dreams that I'm trying to reach and peruse and I can say that each of my friends are the same. Three of my friends are college graduates, and either they're working in their career fields or they're well on their way. Me and my other friend, we're a work in progress when it comes to this college stuff, but rest assure we're working on our degree while handling up on business at the same time. She has a successful business at the age of twenty three, and I couldn't be more proud of her. I'm couldn't be more proud of all my friends. 


Don't force it!


I've learned that when it comes to the "ships" in life, if you have to force it then it's not for you. When I say "ships," I mean, friendships, relationships, partnerships, etc. If you have to force a friendship, whether it be new or old, then it might not be for you, and that's ok. In life we have to realize that clothes are not the only things that we out grow. We out grow relationships, people, situations, AND clothes too. There can literally be no bad blood between you and a person it's just that you two out grew each other. 


Sometimes you out grow a friend, and then later on in life if the friendship is meant to be then, God will have y'all cross paths again. That's exactly what happened between me and one of my friends, and now we're literally inseparable. 


Just remember that things work better when they flow. When it doesn't have to be forced then its genuine, and it'll last a lot longer. 


I hope that this blog helped someone out. Until next week, babes!



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