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Opposites definitely do attract, but does that apply to friendships as well? Five years later and the gang is all back, and by gang I mean Chosyn and her crew along with Celena and her crew. Is it even possible for the two worlds to collide and nothing drastic happen? Maybe not, but adding Kameron and Zeke into the mix may spice things up a bit.

            Chosyn and Aspen have been happily married for the last five years and life has been good. Maybe too good? Chosyn life was picture perfect, and there wasn’t much she had to complain about. She had smart and healthy kids, her friendships were flourishing, business was doing better than good, and her husband was still the best thing that had ever happened to her. They say when it rain it pours, and at the Carter residence it was currently pouring, but why if things were as perfect as they seemed?

            Five years ago Adonis got down on one knee in front his and Celena’s family and friends, and just like he knew she would, she said I do. Well, its five years later and the couple have yet to make it down the aisle, and it has nothing to do with Adonis, but everything to do with Celena. Year after year there has been excuse after excuse, and Adonis is beyond tired of it. In fact, he’s so tired that he had to give his fiancé ultimatum. If you know Celena then you know she’s not one to be given any ultimatums, so this is one story that should be very interesting.

            When sweet and timid Chosyn world collides with Celena the Cocaine Queen, what do you get?

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