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A smile is something that is used sometimes as an open invitation, but an open invitation to what exactly?

            Meet Kadence. Twenty two, smart, beautiful, and confused about her life at the moment. Meet Roux (Roo). Thirty, very conning, manipulative and trying to figure out his next target. And finally, meet Ryland. Thirty five, handsome, established, and just trying to better his future. What these three all have in common is that smile. That one open invitation.

            Kadence is juggling school and her personal life, and by personal life I mean, Roux. Things are starting to become too much for Kadence, so she’s left with the decision of either letting Roux control her life, or leave him for good. October, Kadence’s best friend is always in her girl’s corner, trying to keep her from messing up her life any further than she already has. October knows that the only way her friend will ever be free and not feel held down or held back is if she let that weight that’s holding her down go, by the name of Roux.

            Roux has always been one for a quick come up and not too worried about getting things done legally or on his own. With being the provider for his sister and his daughter, Roux always does what he has to do for money even if that means setting up the next man to feed his family. Always being one to always be a little bothered, things start to get more complicated for Roux when it becomes too hard for him to keep his demons beneath the surface.

            Ryland’s life is good. Business is booming and he is currently trying to get back into school, so that he can better his future and career, by getting his masters. So, how does a man that stays out of the way and under the radar finds himself in a tangled web of deception?

            Find out how one smile and one conversation can lead to all things of deception.

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