Step into the world of Kameron “Stone” Smith & Zeke “Ghost” Daniels. Kameron is a pediatrician by day and a queen pin by night, whereas Zeke is a full-time king pin. Both run their drug empires in different parts of the country, but faith would have it that they both end up at the same place at the same time. Find out what happens when Kameron and Zeke fall hard for each other without knowing who they are really falling for. 


Meet Joy, Kameron’s best friend, and her brother Michael, Kameron’s right hand man. The trio have been friends since they were kids, but when another friend is added to the group, things head south. Demi has been friends with Kameron since they both were in college. Demi and Michael find themselves testing the waters of a potential relationship and Joy isn’t too thrilled about it. 


What happens when friendships are diminished, family members become strangers and the love of your life is someone you would have never thought they were? 


Parts one, two, and three are out NOW!

Chosyn Alexander is a young college graduate with dreams to become a psychologist, but there’s only one thing that holds Chosyn back from living life how a pretty twenty two year old is supposed to. Chosyn suffers from mental illness and instead of experiencing things that most young adults are supposed to she struggles with her own demons that have held her hostage in her own mind for years.

Rosie Washington is Chosyn’s best friend and the one person that gets Chosyn without really knowing what she has fully been through. Aside from being a constant shoulder to lean on for Chosyn, Rosie is also a college graduate who one day wants to be a sociologist. One night at a party for Rosie changes her life in a way that rocked her world to the core.

Aspen Carter, not a man of many words, but of action. Fresh out of graduate school and on the road to opening a new business, Aspen, is taking his legal and illegal ventures to the next level. Selling and trading guns were cool but having a sister and son to care for, Aspen, knows that legal money is the only good thing that can be made by a successful black man. One night at a party introduces people into his life that he had no clue would soon become a permanent and important fixture in his life.

Jordan Wesley, the best friend of Aspen and also soon to be business partner. Even while starting up a new business Jordan still finds time to take on clients for his business that he has on the side. His girlfriend and the love of his life, Karleigh, has no clue about his side business or who her boyfriend really is. A night at a party forces Jordan to entertain a person that he has no clue that will become the single most important person in his life.

Can Chosyn get passed her own demons and mental issues to let Aspen in to love and care for her the way she needs to be? Is Aspen really up for the challenge of loving and caring for Chosyn when she doesn’t even fully love herself? Can he love her enough for the both of them? Follow these four on their roller coaster love story to find out if their love is even worth fighting or living for.

Parts one and two out NOW!

            “I love you Celena, don’t ever forget that baby.” Those were the last words that Celena Richards heard from her mother. At ten years old, Celena became a mother and fatherless child all in one breath, crazy right? Celena thought living with her aunt was the lowest her life could ever be. I mean she did drastically go from living with a sometimes loving mother, and father that adored her. So, to Celena living with in a two bedroom apartment with seven other people was as bad as her life could get. The phrase, “It could be worse,” was something that Celena chose to ignore, because for her it always got worse. In the span of eight years Celena had been through things that would break most adults, but she took each situation and learned from each one.

            Now eighteen, Celena decided that it was time to capitalize off the things that brought her so much sorrow in the past. Not one to cry or mop about the cards she was dealt, she decided that it was time for her to get the ball rolling and things moving for the betterment of her. Celena, wasn’t what you called a ‘normal’ young adult. But do we really know what normal is? Instead of wanting to go find a regular nine to five, and live paycheck to paycheck like she knew she would, Celena wanted more. Celena wanted to be the best to ever do it. But, the best to do what exactly? Celena, wanted to be the cocaine queen, baby.

            Take a ride with Celena, and her crazy friends and watch her rise to the top and being the best to ever do it in, Celena: The Cocaine Queen.

Anthology...The Girl Next Door

Appearances aren’t always what they seem and often times we find ourselves coveting something someone else has just because their lives or situation seem better than our own. Truth is, after you take off the rose-colored glasses reality sets in and it isn't as good as you think when you get it!

Selfish or neglect? Raegan is young and in love and even with being in love she still feels neglected by her boyfriend of ten years. Roderick, is so in love with his girlfriend, and everything that he is doing now is to secure their future, but is he losing her while trying to secure the bag? One night at the club changes Raegan when she meets Kasey and the perfect storm is created, or is it just a storm with no perfection behind it? In meeting Kasey, Raegan thinks that things are put into perspective for her, or maybe it’s just her being selfish. See if the grass is really greener on the other side in, The Girl Next Door…

Anthology...Sweet Lies of a Lying King

A serial lover...a man of many talents but remaining faithful and loyal to just one ain’t one of them.

Ladies, have you ever been so good to a man that you knew would always be loyal to you? Were you so good to him only to find out that he was a no good lying king? The same bae that will promise you the sun, moon and stars, vow to never, EVER break your heart, who taps into your very soul to only turn around to be everything but what he promised?


Five years. A lot can happen in five years. Relationships can blossom, or die. Babies, engagements and weddings and so many more things can happen in five years. Twenty six year old Lyssa, has been with her sly boyfriend AJ for five years. AJ was Lyssa, first everything; first kiss, first boyfriend, first love, just to name a few. Lyssa was happy to finally be able to share something that would be a first for both, her and AJ…or will it just be her first? Is AJ who he say he is, or is he harboring more secrets that he can handle? Find out how things end for the couple in “Sweet Lies of a Lying King.”

Imperfection: a fault, blemish, or undesirable feature.

For most adults, the end game in life is to get married to the one person you can’t see yourself living without. You see the perfect marriage, with the perfect spouse, and the perfect family. Most times, all you hear about are the perfections of a marriage and the love that comes along with keeping that marriage going. 

So, what about the imperfections? What about the imperfections of marriage that people don’t tell you about? What about the imperfections of love? Are those imperfections so faulty that they make you look at your spouse differently? Or is the love so real and worth fighting for that you simply overlook those imperfections? 

Demi and Christian are back, and this time, we get to see their story. Six years later, and things are definitely not what they seem to be. Marriage has a way of changing a person. Sometimes it’s for the best, and sometimes it’s for the worse. Demi used to be so meek and mild and only addressed issues when brought to her. Never one to be vain, but always aware of her looks, there wasn’t much a person could tell Demi about her appearance, but over the years, things had changed. Christian still helps Zeke out with his business but is still a boss in his own right. When the imperfections of their marriage start to get to Christian, it results in a mistake that he and Demi will be reminded of for the rest of their marriage. 

Kameron and Zeke are still going strong, and from the outside looking in, things are good. They have a healthy child, business is flourishing, and the love between them is as strong as it was when they first met…or is it? Kameron has a secret she has kept, but it’s not for the reasons anyone would think. Zeke has a secret of his own, but his actions result in an ending that no one would ever expect. 

These couples are the true definition of keeping a façade going, but what happens when they can’t fake it anymore? Will the imperfections of their love be too much to bare for the couples, or will they overcome them and come out stronger than ever? Find out how things will end in this standalone, The Imperfections of Love. 

In Webster envy is defined as, a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else possessions qualities or luck. In so many words, envy is the intense desire to have or experience something that someone else possesses. In the church the seven deadly sins are mentioned and we are told not to give in to them for we will be on the path to hell, right? So, what happens when the seven deadly sins are rapid through the church, and the spirit of envy is in the mist of the leaders of the church? Envy is a deadly sin, because the result of it can be life changing and very much deadly. Find out what happens when the spirit of envy is within one of the leaders of the church, and what happens when that person acts on their feelings.

Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride–we’re guilty of them all, but how close can these sins push a woman to the edge? They say the wages of sin is death, so who will be left standing in the end? Buckle up and come take a journey through the seven deadly sins with the talented ladies of Major Key.

Sometimes loving a person more than you love yourself can be worse than using any drug…
Twenty-year-old Averi Redd has experienced loss after loss, before she could even fully take her first breath. Losing a loved one can be hard on the mental, but feeling responsible for the death of your parents does something else to a person’s mindset. Averi, lives life day to day with the weight and guilt of her parent’s death on her shoulders, not to mention being the only family that her elderly grandmother has left. Talk about stress and responsibility.

God places people in your life if only for a season and a reason
Kashington Henderson is a young handsome athlete that could possibly have any female that he wanted, but that’s not his style. Not a man that entertains women for sport, so running into Averi was strictly faith. For him she was a beauty at first glance, and he knew after the first date he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Although from the outside looking in Kashington had it altogether, but once you knock on the door and get inside you see things are a different story. With a drunken mother and a little brother, things at home are anything but good, but with Kashington’s personality you would never know.

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies…-Aristotle 
Grace Johnson is Averi’s best friend and whether Grace knows it or not, she’s her rock as well. A bond that truly cannot be broken, Grace has been there through all of Averi’s hard times and vice versus, but sometimes things slip through the crack. Grace always knows what’s going on with Averi, and Averi think that she can say the same about her friend. Not one to always say what she’s going through, Grace has a lot going on, but the thick layer of skin and the smile that she always wore doesn’t let that show.

Sometimes things happen when you least expect them to… 
Devin Atkins is young, athletic, single, and a ladies man, who makes his intensions clear from the jump. When there’s a shift in his home life the one person he hadn’t thought he needed to lean on is there for him with no questions asked. Blurred lines is something that Devin try to steer clear of, but when his heart and mind start a war that he has no control of its kind of hard not to blur those lines.

This standalone is one to read because some people are just, Too Good at Goodbyes…

Do you believe in love at first sight? I mean, the type of love that catches you off guard?

Some say the damaged can’t love because they don’t know what love really is, but me… I think differently.

​Let Khole and Ivy bring you into their world. Two broken people who never knew that they needed each other’s love until their love was all that they had left to keep them afloat in this thing called life. Both from totally different backgrounds but fighting demons that only their love for one another could help both of them conquer.

​Both Khole and Ivy started battling their demons at an early age, and both dealt with them the best way that they knew how. Khole never opened up to anyone about his past transgressions, so they have now followed him into his adult years. No one understood Khole, and that was mostly because he never let anyone that close to him. He never let anyone so close to his soul or near his spirit, until he met Ivy. Ivy was the fresh air that Khole needed, and vice versa. Ivy was closed off to most men, but there was something about Khole that allowed her to let her guard down enough for him to see her pain, and on most days, Khole could feel her pain.

Khole and Ivy needed each other more than they ever knew, but with both of their demons keeping them from loving each other how they needed to be loved, it’d be nothing but Fire on Fire.

If the love was meant for you to receive and keep, let it go, and if it comes back to you then embrace it like never before. And that’s exactly what Mason Ruthers did. He and his college sweetheart, Wynter Chaney, were in the prime of their college careers as well as their relationship, before things took a turn for the worse. The one thing that Wynter never wanted to happen to she and Mason came to pass, and she was left with picking up the pieces of her broken heart. Left with so many questions that only one person could answer.

Eight years later, Valentine's Day of all days, caused some unlikely events to happen that caused the two to be back in each other’s presence. While one person was prepared to do whatever it took to win the love of their life back, the other was still on the fence about their old flame's newfound presence. Eight years is a long time to be without someone, especially the love of your life, but the heart can never deny what it wants.

The heart and the mind are always in a constant battle, and ultimately it’s always left up to the person to decide on which one they will listen to. The heart can never deny its true soulmate, but the mind, the mind is something that has the potential to overthink itself and keep true soul mates apart. What happens when one Valentine's night changes the course of what happened between the couple eight years ago? It is true when they say, if it’s meant to be, let it be?

Opposites definitely do attract, but does that apply to friendships as well? Five years later and the gang is all back, and by gang, I mean, Chosyn and her crew along with Celena and her crew. Is it even possible for the two worlds to collide, and nothing drastic happens? Maybe not, but adding Kameron and Zeke into the mix may spice things up a bit.

Chosyn and Aspen have been happily married for the last five years, and life has been good. Maybe too good? Chosyn’s life was picture perfect, and there wasn’t much she had to complain about. She had smart and healthy kids, her friendships were flourishing, business was doing better than good, and her husband was still the best thing that had ever happened to her. However, they say when it rains, it pours, and at the Carter residence, it was currently pouring. The question is why, if things were as perfect as they seemed?

Five years ago, Adonis got down on one knee in front of his and Celena’s family and friends. And just like he knew she would, she said yes. Well, its five years later and the couple has yet to make it down the aisle. It has nothing to do with Adonis, but everything to do with Celena.

Year after year, there has been excuse after excuse, and Adonis is beyond tired of it. In fact, he’s so tired that he had to give his fiancé an ultimatum. If you know Celena, then you know she’s not one to be given any ultimatums, so this is one story that should be very interesting.

When sweet and timid Chosyn world collides with Celena the Cocaine Queen, what do you get?

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